Growsgreen Landscape Design
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Levels of green

This garden is viewed from the clients’ 2-story home. One must travel down a few levels to get to the garden, so we designed it to have a beautiful view from above to entice them to use the space. We were able to work with the steep grade of the existing soil by creating three levels. The dining area is the center of the space with views to the lounging area below and upper garden. The barbecue is tucked into the corner of the retaining wall, and the floating beam counter acts as a potting bench for the veggie beds and as a prep counter for food and gatherings. The garden’s openness and layered textures creates a calm respite for these hardworking clients. The gravel garden gets used for play shovels and toy trucks and the low table for toddler size drawing and eating.

Photography ©2019 Caitlin Atkinson

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