Growsgreen Landscape Design

A Garden for Wolf-Time & Entertaining

This garden was originally full of wild onions and a few raised beds. The clients gave us creative freedom to choose the materials and concept for this space after expressing their functional and ideal garden needs. They wanted places for solitary time as well as for entertaining. The narrow back of the concrete bench directs one’s eyes to the overhead trellis and dining area, creating a sense of entry. Informal seating is centered around a custom hand-poured concrete coffee table that we made using a gravel sack. Light-colored materials make the garden feel open. The gravel highlights the greens of the plants and the blonde cedar fence and beam benches. Pillows and vases complete the space, making it personal and cozy. This garden is featured in Sunset Magazine’s September 2018 issue.

Photography ©2018 Caitlin Atkinson and Growsgreen

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