Growsgreen creates beautiful, functional landscapes. Our modern designs juxtapose the organic textures and forms of plants with modern geometry and clean lines in the material palette and garden layout. Growsgreen provides full landscape design layouts and project supervision. We are best-suited to clients looking to transform their entire garden with a contemporary design with lasting style.


Our typical process includes meeting for an initial consult to see the scope of the project and discuss preliminary ideas followed by an estimate of how much time we need to complete the garden plan. Once we are working together, we recommend having a map made to scale of your garden that we use to create your unique garden design. We start with concept sketches and photos to review with you to get the look you want and the functional set up of your garden.


Once we find a concept that you love, we put it into a scaled plan drawing for installation estimates. We work with contractors we know and trust to get it installed right, while keeping in close contact with you throughout the process.



Other services Growsgreen offers includes one-time consultations for those looking for advice for editing their existing garden planting palette or hardscape. We also offer interior design services.  Growsgreen is not well-suited for clients looking for piecemeal work.